"Low Magic"

Low Magic

The land of Thrylia has access to much less magic than would be expected. The death of the Existent severed some connection to the source of magic. As such, the ability to utilize spells and other effects on the Primes was weakened significantly. As a result, fewer beings used magic, which made the Primes more mundane. This cycle has continued for over one thousand years, resulting in the following changes.




As has been said allowed at several points so far, Spellcraft and Knowledge Arcana have much higher DCs for most uses. Identifying a spell is still the same, but a “unique magical effect” or some thing of the like will almost assuredly be out of reach for most things. People do not have the innate understanding or depth of knowledge to really grasp the inner workings of magic any longer.

Resurrection in any form, as far as your characters are concerned, does not exist. Not like “Oh man, if only we could cast True Res…” But rather “NOOOOOOOOOO! She’s died in the prime of her life!”

Resurrection is talked about in this setting about as much as it is IRL (outside of groups like this one). It’s not a concept that people consider.

OoC, don’t lose all hope if your favorite NPC or your character dies. There are means of bringing them back, though they are by no means easy or likely.

The same is true for Magic in general. People know what it is, but have no real concept of what it can do. A situation that could easily arise:
“Oh, you’re a Wizard? Will you fix my dog for me? He’s sick.”
“Actually, I-”
“You dolt! He’s a Wizard! He doesn’t fix dogs! He makes money. Can I have forty silver pieces?”
“There’s a lizard in my house. Can you get it for me?”
“What about those bandits? Can you convince them to go away with your mind blasts?”
“I want to see angels!”
“Or fireworks!”
“My wife is barren.”

Etc. Normal people don’t talk about magic. They are shocked when they see it. Many villagers think magic is not real, in fact.

"Low Magic"

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