Karlikov is the largest and most prosperous Dwarven clan on the continent. The nation is divided into two states, one of which inhabits the Karlik while the other controls the rest of the land. Karlikov is ruled by King Kovod

Karlikov clan lays claim to the entirety of the Karlik along with what was once Roichtland, Ruitland, and the land once belonging to Caedia, to the shores of the Telic Lake. The Karlikov are consistent trade partners with Neo Telion, Erimios, the Orkhov Clan, and Tentoma.

The capital city of Karlikov is Winterholdt (with Eastcross serving as the non-Karlik capital).

Other cities of note include Marshpass to the north, Isleward to the southwest, Passblock at the main entrance to the mountains, and Hurinn’s Collapse to the northeast.


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