History of Thrylia

Dating System – Years are figured from the forming of The Rift. This was seen as the first true attempt at progress by Thrylians. Dates prior to its formation are rendered as “Pre Rift,” or PR. So 50 years before the formation of The Rift would be written PR 50. Dates following its creation are spoken of as being “After Rift,” or AR. The campaign begins in AR 3232.

There are 10 Months in a year. Each month is 30 Days.

c. PR 12,000 – Likely beginning of the Prime.

c. PR 10,000 – Possible birth of The Existent.

PR 753 – Founding of Telion by King Teluren.

PR 398 – The Schism of Man; Telion splits into two kingdoms, Sera Telion and Teluria.

PR 364 – Telion reforms after 20 years of civil war.

PR 7 – Infernal forward scouts discovered in Kathara.

PR 5 – Advance forces of Hell appear in Kathara and begin utilizing guerrilla warfare to destabilize Telion’s outer defenses.

PR 3 – Mstura the Seer, a Diviner of nearly incomparable ability, becomes aware of impending full-scale invasion of Devils and calls for a conference of all mages in Thrylia. Factional disputes prevent any progress from being made.

PR 1 – War begins, Telion and her allies are forced back slowly, unable to cope with the seemingly limitless Infernal host.

PR 0 – Mstura and 7 other potent arcanists enlist the aid of four Clerics of high standing (Including Halfir the Indomitable), along with 80 mages of varying power, to create and defend The Rift, successfully halting the diabolic invasion.

AR 739 – The Telic king Denric quarrels with The Existent, unknowingly dooming his people.

AR 745 – Denric slain by a Kelvezu, presumed to have been Called by the Existent. Telion collapses into four fragmented states as the succession is disputed.

AR 803 – Only two former Telic factions, the Caedians and the Taireks, remain.

AR 912 – Caedians oust the Taireks, who become the Grassmen. Nation of Caedia established.

AR 1228 – Foundation of Patostathos, a small village at the Fork of the Mena. Formed primarily of Halflings, Changelings, and many breeds of Half-humans who fled Caedia’s rise but feared to cross the desert.

c. AR 1300 – Capture of the Tarrasque by a large group of adventurers. The beast was imprisoned by the Drow and used as their major resource.

AR 1312 – Patostathos’ reach encompasses all of the Mena. Villages and ports are established as farms continually produce excess crops.

AR 1445 – Patostathos becomes Hydrothryl’s richest state. Possessing a massive merchant fleet and mighty navy, it becomes the continent’s supreme naval power.

AR 1886 – The Abyssal Elf Prince Glitarion is slain by the Dwarf Asthar and his party of Heroes.

AR 1887 – Asthar and his companions defeat the Tarrasque and The Existent, suffering heavy losses in the process

AR 1888 – Combined weight of Elven military might and Mererian political views (enforced by Merril) causes replacement of The Caedian Council with less xenophobic alternatives; Caedia begins to welcome all.

AR 1902 – Yuan-ti utilize open borders to launch a surprise assault on Fumnira. Caedia retaliates.

AR 1904 – Army of Caedians and Karlikovan and Lapis Dwarves march on Chawnia

AR 1905 – Nation of Chawnia destroyed; territory annexed by Caedia; Karlikov discovers the tunnels of the deceased Klireo.

AR 1921 – Campaign of extinction targeting the Yuan-ti is initiated in Caedia.

AR 1933 – Last of the Yuan-ti dies. Merril retreats from public life in disgust. Karlikov seizes the opportunity and declares war, promising to “avenge the deaths of the noble Yuan-ti, who suffered needlessly at the hands of Caedian aggression.”

AR 1943 – Karlikov conquers modern borders within Caedia.

AR 1948 – Nations of Ruitland, Riochtland, and Caedia ally and attempt to force Karlikov back into the mountains.

AR 1951 – Karlikov conquers the lands of the alliance, creating modern borders. Refugees flee across the Kathara and north.

AR 2020 – Neo Telion established by Denric XIV. Karlikov and Neo Telion exist in a state of tense neutrality; trade agreements are in place, but the threat of war is constant.

AR 2222 – The Great Council was convened. Magic had been declining for centuries, but it was now that the great leaders of the world officially declared a policy of arcanaphobia. Magic grew less common as study grew more. A call was set forth to focus on history as a means of preventing advancement into eldritch mysteries.
This was primarily a formality. It made trend into policy.


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