The Heroes

A party made up of Asthar, a Dwarf from the island of Lapis; Lumaeus D’Chandry, a Human of the Land Across the Sea; Mereria Clahrminian, an Aasimar from the Land Across the Sea; Señor Prancington Esquire, a mutated Human, from The Plain; and Merril, a Caedian Human. Finally, a third true Human, sister of Lumaeus, was a temporary member of the party: Rheliana na Velin.

“The Stone Defender,” Asthar was a Dwarf who left his home seeking an Artifact ( Calista’s Frozen Shield) who returned the hero of the plane. A skilled warrior, he was renowned for his ability to weather any amount of damage in order to protect those for whom he cared. Asthar was capable of incredible feats of power when necessary. He led his group against the forces of Glitarion, ending the threat of Demonic conquest. He delivered the killing blow to the Ancient, Klireo, weakening the foothold the Yuan-ti had in the then nation of Caedia. He led the charge against The Existent. Asthar is now considered one of history’s most important figures, having been the driving force behind the saving of Thrylia on numerous occasions.
Asthar was a follower of the Martial Adept Order. He focused on the White Raven, Devoted Spirit, and Stone Dragon schools, leading these to be the most widely followed disciplines in modern Thrylia, among those who care for such things.

Asthar fell in the party’s final battle with The Existent, accompanied by his comrade-in-arms, Señor Prancington Esquire.

“The Bull Warrior,” a mutated Human, is said to have possessed the strength of a Minotaur and the toughness and wings of a Dragon. He is known as one of the greatest warriors in history. Prancington is believed to have been stronger than any 20 men. In fact, Martellin, the premier contemporary historian of the age, wrote that he, as a small child, once witnessed the Bull Warrior literally juggling a set of houses like so many toys.
His physical endurance and wings allowed the Heroes to cover vast distances in short periods of time using the prototype Yzma. His peculiar fighting style blended incredible brute strength and intense focus into a new form of combat known as “Iron Dungeon Crashing.”

Prancington was killed when Heroes confronted The Existent, alongside his leader, Asthar.

“The Golden Voice,” history’s most accomplished Planetouched individual, was said to have been capable of stopping battle with a single note and wars with a song. Her beauty was unmatched among (mostly) mortals. Mereria’s peaceful leanings were the driving force behind Merril’s crusade against Caedia’s government after her death, and her work prior to her demise was instrumental in the Pan-Elven alliance that came to be shortly after Caedia’s fall.
When her diplomatic skills failed her, Mereria was capable of becoming an incredible force multiplier. Rarely did her allies go into battle without layers of magical augmentations upon themselves. She was also a capable countermage, able to weave her songs into such a pattern as to confuse enemy arcanists into miscasting spells on a regular basis.

Mereria’s fate is unknown, though myths and theories abound, ranging from death at the hands of The Existent to becoming an Interplanar pilgrim to hiding, or eloping, with Lumaeus.

“The Mind Mage,” son of Magelius D’Chandry, at a very young age became one of the most powerful mages in history, while simultaneously creating within himself a reservoir of psionic power that eclipsed all but his sister’s among humanoids. Lumaeus prided himself in true goodness and altruism, seeking peaceful solutions to problems. When this was not possible, though, he was more than capable of bending time itself into horribly convoluted knots and breaking the laws of physics several times over with a single thought. Few beings could resist a dedicated and prepared Lumaeus.

Like Mereria, Lumaeus’ fate is not known. Death is usually ignored as a possibility, given his power. The most common theory is that he fled the Material in shame after the destruction of his friends and family at the hands of The Existent.

“The Seer,” daughter to Magelius D’Chandry. Rheliana was present with the Heroes for the battles with Klireo, Glitarion, and the initial clash with The Existent. She was born a capable Psion, whose powers only grew with time. She surpassed even her brother before her death, though she preferred to focus her abilities on Divinations.
The Seer was physically blind, though few were aware of this fact, given her extrasensory abilities.

Rheliana perished alongside the rest of House D’Chandry when The Existent evoked his power to annihilate those of power on Primes.

The least-known of the Heroes, Merril was a Cleric of Heironeous and devoted follower of Mereria who joined the party following their first confrontation with The Existent. He is the sole confirmed survivor of the party’s final conflict. He went on to quietly negotiate for the implementation of Mereria’s policies of peace throughout the Primes.

Merril died peacefully in seclusion, sometime after AR 1933.


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