Character Creation

The Character


“Standard” (Core, mainly) races are by far the most common available. Exotic races and templates (Half-Illithid, Thri-Keen, etc., see your DM for specifics) will not be allowed. As with everything else, try to get a feel for the setting based on what’s been provided, and use some common sense to figure out if something’ll fit. “Yo, I wanna play a Half-Daelkyr, Half-Dragon Cambion Psion” is just flat out not going to fly. “Hey, can I play a Silverbrow Human, I have X reasoning (based on the character, not the build)” is potentially fine.

Each of the major civilizations has a list of races associated with it. There are dozens of smaller tribes, of course, and these are comprised of many other races, so feel free to ask if you’re unsure.

Note the changes to specific races here.


The following base classes are restricted from players:

  • Artificer
  • Binder
  • Druid
  • Hexblade
  • Incarnum Classes (Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist)
  • Psionic classes (Psion, Erudite, WIlder, Ardent, etc)
  • Spellthief
  • Shugenja
  • Summoner
  • Truenamer
    If you have a character concept in mind that utilizes the mechanics of one or more of these classes, talk to me. We’ll (likely… some classes/concepts are outright disallowed) figure something out. The fluff here usually is the problem.
    Most other casting classes are modified to fit the setting. For more information, see Low Magic.

Any feats that grant abilities related to the above classes are also disallowed, with a few exceptions. For instance, any Binding or Truenaming feat is disallowed, but, say, feats dealing with Animal Companions are typically permissible.

The Build

  • 28 Point Buy
  • 3,000xp, 3,000gp. The world is low magic and low power. This means that the average person is first level with an NPC class. Talented individuals might be second or third level (like y’all). Powerful warriors and mages will be around 6th. The best of a generation will 8-12. Legends are 12+.
    • You may have up to (and including) 4 “Levels” of magic items (MIC) at character creation. You may not have any items above the 3rd level. Deduct the prices of the items from your starting wealth, as normal. The remaining gold can be kept or spent on mundane equipment as desired, with no further limitations. Talk to me if you aren’t familiar with this terminology or set of rules. I’m happy to explain/guide you.
  • LA buyoff is available, though I doubt it’ll matter much (see above)
  • Any alignment, so long as you’re willing to play nice with the others. Lawful alignments are by far more common than Chaotic in Thrylia, though, and Neutrality is more common than Good or Evil by a significant percentage. Spells/abilities/etc that with alignment restrictions are enforced. Classes that have requirements are not, assuming you have a good reason.
  • Max HP at first level. Rolled at each subsequent, taking half if you roll below (D12 – 6, d10 – 5, d8 – 4, d6 – 3, d4 – 2)
  • Fractional Saves/BAB
  • This will be vaguely 3.P
    • 3.5 Rules are in effect, except where noted. However, you may request any Pathfinder material (Classes, feats, spells, etc) and be reasonably certain they will be approved. This includes using Pathfinder Base Classes in place of 3.5 Classes of the same name.
    • The following changes to skills are in effect. A class that grants either of the “parent” skills as a class skill now grants the new skill. Circumstance modifiers that apply to one use of the skill do not apply to all uses (a spell that grants a +2 bonus on Balance checks does not grant a +2 on Acrobatics checks to Tumble; only to balance)
      • Hide and Move Silently are combined into Stealth (Dex)
      • Balance and Tumble are combined into Acrobatics (Dex)
      • Climb, Jump, and Swim are combined into Athletics (Str)
      • Disable Device and Open Lock are combined into Disable Device (Dex)
      • Spot and Listen are combined into Perception (Wis)
  • Free Multiclassing
  • For every level in which you do not take levels in any 9th or 6th casting class or a full-progression SLA/SU class (Cleric, Wizard, Sha’ir, Warlock, Bard, etc (ask if unsure)), you may Gestalt with a class that is not one of the aforementioned classes. Standard Gestalt rules pertaining to Prestige classes apply. Please treat this as an opportunity to create well-rounded characters, not as an opportunity to create a broken combo. The idea behind this is that Gestalt is the norm (people with many talents), but that magic, being so difficult to learn and master due to its rarity and frailty, forces strict specialization. You may, at any level, choose to not advance any spellcasting you might otherwise have access to in order to Gestalt at that level. Thus, you could play a Bard (w/ casting) 2/ Bard (w/o casting) 1// Nothing 2/ Noncaster 1. Ask if you need clarification.
    • For instance, if your first level is in Fighter, you may Gestalt with any of the nonprohibited classes, so your class would be Fighter 1//ClassA 1.
      • If you then decide to multiclass into, say, Wizard (or any other “casting” class) after a few levels of this progression, a sample class might be Fighter 3/ Wizard 1//Crusader 3.
    • Prestige classes take up both tracks of a Gestalt level.
      • eg, A Gestalted Warblade and Crusader entering into the Master of Nine PrC might look like this: Warblade 7/MoN3//Crusader 7
  • Pathfinder Feat progression (every odd level is a feat)
  • Pathfinder Favored Class rules are in effect (For every level with your FC, gain either +1 SP or +1 HP). If you choose to take extra Skill Points at first level, you gain four instead of one.
  • You must begin play with either one or two traits (3.5), and may take up to two flaws.
    • Flaws must actually directly affect your character. See here for additional Traits and Flaws.
      • Flaws and Traits may be created by the player, with input from the DM, or they may be selected from the list above or any 3.5 source.
  • Characters begin play with 5 bonus skill points that may be placed into any combination of the following: Knowledge (Any), Profession (Any), Craft (Any), Appraise, and Decipher Script. This is to represent the importance of education in Thrylia.
    • In addition, at character creation, you may acquire bonus skill points by spending 25gp/point, to a maximum of 1 + (2x Int Bonus, if any) effectively paying for extra education. These points may be used for any skill.
  • Skill point bonus is figured based on the following: Class + Int bonus (if any). Thus, a negative Int modifier is considered a “0” for the purposes of skill points gained per level.
  • Overall, just remember this is a relatively low-power game. Stay away from Leap Attack+Shock Trooper+Pounce+Battle Jump chains and the like, please.
    • If you abuse the rules, the rules will abuse you.
  • If an option you’re running past me ends with something along the lines of, “Well, it’s technically legal,” it will be banhammered faster than you can say, “But Tippy said…”
  • Run your character concept by me before creation. Run most decisions by me as you make them (I don’t care whether your character’s name ends in “ie” or “i,” but I do care which feats you take). Run future plans by me as you make them (“Hey Ross. I was looking at PrC X the other day. I’d like to build towards that, now. Cool?” “Sorry, Player Z, but that’s too powerful/too nonfuctioning/incorrectly fluffed for this group/campaign. But here are some other PrCs with a similar feel, will any of those work?”) Obviously, nothing is ever set in stone. Things can come up and change, concepts may start to fall apart, things can be redone. No worries, I just want to be aware of what’s going on and ensure that y’all have access to things you want. I’m not trying to stifle creativity here, I’m just trying to build a world that makes sense as a whole. You understand.


I would like some sort of background on your character. Feel free to do this how you’d like. A backstory, the Ten-Minute Background, some notes emailed to me in some other format, a discussion with me, etc. No matter what you choose, though, I’ll likely want to chat a little. Basically, I want to know who you’re playing in addition to what you’re playing. What’re their motivations? About whom do they care? What sort of quests and adventures will appeal to you and your character?

Character Creation

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