Native to The Plain, remnants of a group ousted by the Caedians. A broad term for the all of the nomadic herders of the area. There are two main tribes, along with numerous smaller family groups (known as arbans) who associate themselves with no others. The two large tribes, the Ogeids and the Toluins, historically bitter enemies, have recently formed an uneasy alliance, though only guesses remain regarding their purpose.

The Ogeids claim the western half of The Plain as their hunting grounds and homeland, while the Toluins patrol the north. The coastland, with its thinner grasses and more unpredictable weather, is primary inhabited by smaller tribes.

The Grassmen are composed almost entirely of humans, though half-orc, centaur, and halfling minorities are present in the larger tribes. The Plainspeople are a warlike race, depending almost entirely upon cavalry for their military needs. This is often cited as the reason western Mesothryl has so far avoided hostile contact with the Grassmen, as the Guard Bog effectively hampers the movement of horses and the Grassmen are not known for their technological advancements.

The Grassmen have produced numerous talented warriors over the centuries, including SeƱor Prancington Esquire and Uvdis Heart-Thief.

Bog Dwellers

Natives to the edge of Valto, these primitive hunter-gatherers are made up of Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, along with a number of other races in smaller quantities. Little is recorded regarding their society, though it appears to be mainly familial in organization.

The Waste

The Waste is home to little in the way of civilization, though a large number of smaller tribes have carved out living arrangements in a few areas, including the Northern Veil, in the Wings of Fortune, and on Kostchtchie’s Hammer.


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